Paper out, paywave in for New Plymouth

Paper receipts are being phased out in New Plymouth, with paywave parking now available in the city.

Most parking machines in the central business district now accept Paywave cards, with paper receipts to be gone by Christmas.

New Plymouth District Council customer and regulatory solutions manager Katrina Brunton said they were using technology to cut down waste as they aimed for Zero Waste 2040.

"NPDC is focused on supporting a thriving central city, and making it simple to park and pay is a key part of keeping our CBD accessible."

An e-receipt can be sent instead of a paper one.

Parking can also be topped up from any machine that has the correct amount - either $1 or $2. The pay-my-park app will also remain in play.

However, the text-to-park option is now being shut down due to the alternatives being more popular.