Time’s Expired For Nelson’s Old Parking Meters As New Pay-by-Plate Machines Launch


Friday, 26 June 2020, 4:55 pm
Press Release: Nelson City Council

Nelson’s new Pay-by-Plate meters go live at 8am on 29 June, ending paper waste from tickets, while offering Nelsonians more ways to pay and more convenient ways to extend their parking.

The new meters will allow people to pay using coins, payWave and a new app called PayMyPark. In the first few days of the meters being available for use, Council’s parking enforcement wardens will play an educational role, ensuring people avoid making mistakes, and take a more lenient approach to payment related infringements.

With no requirement for a paper ticket, there is no longer any need to return to your car once you have paid. Ratepayers will also save more than $100k in paper and maintenance costs per year.

App users can extend their parking time, within the signposted maximum time limits, using their mobile phone, or even use the Stop/Start park function, which allows people to only pay for the parking that they use.

PayMyPark charges transaction fees when users store credit on the app, and if they use it to pay for parking without registering an account. For payments with payWave there is a 2% fee so bank costs are not passed on to ratepayers, this equates to a 4c charge on a $2 park.

All the money from transaction charges goes to PayMyPark or the payWave provider, there is no change to the fees collected by Council.

For more information about how transaction fees work, please go to: nelson.govt.nz/parking.