Reduced parking rate available in new Pink Zones

22 May 2020

Reduced parking rate in new Pink Zones

As announced in the February Operations & Monitoring Committee meeting, a reduced parking rate will soon be available in new Pink Zones, which will be popping up in select, existing all day parking areas shortly.

The new Pink Zones aim to provide an even more affordable all day (8 hour) parking option for inner city workers. Parking in the Pink Zones costs just $0.50c an hour.

Located on Hinemaru Street, Haupapa Street, Pukuatua Street and Eruera Street, the new zones will replace areas where parking previously cost $1 per hour. Keep an eye out for signage changes in these streets.

Customers parking in the Pink Zones will need to pay at the dedicated Pink Zone payment machines (located within the Pink Zones and clearly marked) or they will be able to pay via the PrestoPark parking app once the new zones have been integrated with the app. Parking machines that accept coin payment have recently been fitted with a red band around their tops for easy identification.

Inner city workers looking for an additional low cost parking option will soon be able to access $6 per day casual parking and reduced rate permit parking options in the Pukuatua Street parking building. The building has recently been upgraded and will be fully operational in June. More information about the building’s upgrade and new parking options is available on i-Park’s website HERE.

A map showing the new Pink Zones is provided below. The orange section represents free P60 parking and the blue and green zones are a mix of free and paid time restricted parking.

Council will continue to monitor the parking system and make adjustments as required.