Parking Enforcement Resumes After 2 June


As businesses re-open and customers and the public return to shopping in the town centres, its expected carpark use will return to pre-lockdown levels.

 As we move to Level 2 today, Council will start monitoring carparks to gauge usage, turnover and capacity – so you will see parking wardens around.

Council’s Environmental Services Manager Tracy Boundy says this is a monitoring exercise only as we return to normality and that no tickets will be issued until after Tuesday 2 June.

“We want to give residents and workers time to transition into the ‘new normal’ and encourage them to park on the fringes of the town centre to allow availability of carparks for shoppers and visitors returning to the town centres.”

Usually parking enforcement is in place to encourage regular turnover of vehicles in town and to dissuade workers from taking convenient parks otherwise used by shoppers.

While we are having a period of leniency, the Council encourages local business owners and staff to use the free on-street carparks on the outskirts of the town centre.

Free on-street parking is available in close proximity to the main centres of Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

For Rangiora it includes King Street, Blackett Street, and Durham Street north beyond Blackett and Queen Street south.

For Kaiapoi it includes areas on Hilton Street, Sewell Street, Charles Street and Raven Quay.