Tauranga gets free city parking


Tauranga City Council offered free parking in the city centre when the country moved to alert level 4 on March 26. The suspended fees were in place until June 10th when the Country moved into Level 1. 

Now, the Council has decided to 'trial' the free parking for a longer period of time. Starting now, parking in the city centre will become free for the public with one change. 

Come August, the current three-hour parking time limit, which is in most city-centre streets, will be changed to a two-hour limit. This will come after the Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2012 has been amended.

Anyone parking for more than two hours is encouraged to use the parking buildings or the all-day off-street car parks.

Monitoring of the effect from the free parking trial will be conducted and reported back to the council on November 30 2020.