AT proposes charging for ferry car parks

Parking meters should be introduced at the two Devonport ferry terminal car parks, an Auckland Transport (AT) report says.

Car-parking has traditionally been free at these parks, athough various time restrictions are enforced.

Establishing “paid parking in the totality of the two ferry terminal carparks” would improve availability and turnover, cut down “car shuffle” and would encourage alternative modes of getting to the ferry such as public transport and cycling, the report says.

In the “medium term”, AT also wants to increase paid-parking (P90 or P120) supply in the town centre by adding 27 angled on-street car parks on Queens Pde. These are currently 24-hour parks.

The 259 car parks in the ferry terminal area have high occupancy (up to 95 per cent), especially during weekdays.

“The long length of stay suggests mainly commuters are using the parking.

“Currently (there is) unrestricted free parking at a premium location,” the report says.

The Devonport town centre has 352 parking spaces under 11 different types of restrictions. Peak occupancy is around 80 per cent, and the average length of stay one hour 45 minutes, with about 80 per cent of vehicles staying less than two hours.

The report recommends having only P90 or P120 restrictions in the town centre, to simplify restrictions, reducing signage clutter and allowing for improved enforcement.

More limited-zone parking is planned for Victoria Rd and Clarence St, along with a redesign of some of the angled parking on Victoria Rd that is too narrow, said the report put to a Devonport-Takapuna Local Board workshop.

AT officials also observed some Devonport workers and commuters were parking in nearby residential streets, which “suggests there is a need of long-term parking in the Devonport area.”

This article originally appeared in the 17 July 2020 edition of the Flagstaff. Read online here.