Smarter ways to manage city parking


Our city is changing


Over the next 30 years Wellington will be home to another 50,000-80,000 residents and many more workers will commute in from the wider region.


To accommodate this development, we need a more efficient transport system that makes better use of our limited road space all while helping to reduce the city’s carbon emissions.


This means moving more people using fewer vehicles; more public transport use, walking and cycling and fewer people driving and parking in busy areas. We need to review how we allocate road space for parking and manage parking differently to support this change.


This is why we are taking a fresh look at our parking policies.


How you can have your say


Everyone is affected by this policy from vehicle drivers, bus passengers, cyclists to pedestrians. It's important everyone has their opportunity to share their views.


The next opportunity to formally share your views will be the consultation on a new draft policy. This new draft policy has been discussed with Councillors and is now in the process of being ready to be shown and discussed with the public starting 16 March. Please see our schedule below for dates, times, and locations for community engagement sessions.


If you want to stay informed and be reminded when the consultation opens please subscribe below.


In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in our quick polls. There will be a new poll each week leading up to the consultation release next week.