Wardens allow ‘leeway’ as parking meters updated


Hold on to your coins — some metered car parks in downtown Gisborne are cheaper than advertised.


Gisborne District Council decided in May to make all metered parking $1 per hour, down from up to $2 per hour.

The $1 parking, along with free parking after 3pm, was to come into effect on June 2 to encourage more people to visit the town centre in the wake of Covid-19.

However, The Gisborne Herald has discovered that not all parking meters have been updated with the new price, including those on Lowe and Bright streets, which are still charging $1.50 or $2 for an hour’s parking.

“You need to pay for your park as per usual, so a $1 payment will give you one hour of parking, regardless of the time shown on the meter,” said Helen Montgomery, the council’s environmental services and protection director.

Wardens were “applying leeway” but fines would be issued to those parked in the same metered spot for more than two hours, Ms Montgomery said.

Updated meters, such as those in Gladstone Road, display the new $1 rate and 8.30am-3pm weekday enforcement period.

All the city’s 806 metered car parks were expected to be updated by the end of the month, Ms Montgomery said.

The cheaper parking regime will be in place for 12 months while a more permanent policy is thrashed out.