Mike Kelly

Committee Member

Mike Kelly

Harding Traffic

Mike has spent his career providing technical solutions to meet needs in the market.  Since 2017 Mike has been the General Manager of both Harding Traffic and i-Park and has been providing solutions to the transport sector. 

Harding Traffic is an Electronic Traffic equipment supplier with a wide range of products to support and enable the parking industry.  These products are applicable to both the on-street (Council enforced) and off-street (typically privately enforced or gated) parking markets.  Mike set up i-Park in 2018 to focus on delivering various parking services to Councils throughout New Zealand including the ‘end to end’ solution operating in Rotorua.  This combination of Harding Traffic and i-Park gives Mike a very broad experience base covering parking equipment, parking enforcement, infringement management solutions, legislative requirements and the processes required to manage them.

Mike brings a passion for shared knowledge to the committee and believes that industry-wide collaboration and communication are beneficial to everyone.  Mike is also highly focussed on technology and the implementation of products and systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the New Zealand Parking Industry.