Scott Ebbett


Scott Ebbett

Auckland Transport

Scott has worked in the parking industry since 2009. He was with Auckland City Council before the transition of the councils, and has been with Auckland Transport since. 

Scott is responsible for the Parking Design and Policy Team at AT. The team manages all the parking restrictions across the Auckland region. He also works closely with strategy and policy teams to ensure that parking management is integrated into wider transport strategy in Auckland.

Scott has worked with the NZTA on a research project where the value of on-street parking is assessed to determine the optimum use of road space. As cities grow there are greater pressures on public space. This has resulted in a more critical analysis of parking supply and management to make the best use of parking space. Cities around the world are reconsidering parking requirements in their planning regulations, parking technology is making it easier to pay for parking and share parking, and the way goods are moved around cities is changing with the online economy. 

Scott believes that the NZPA can play an important role in ensuring that these significant changes in parking are recognised across NZ both at a local and government level. The industry as a whole can learn from each other, and the NZPA plays a key role in sharing the latest information from other car park operators and suppliers to help members make better decisions.