Jamie Rossiter

Senior Parking Compliance Officer

Jamie Rossiter

Christchurch City Council

Jamie is a Senior Parking Compliance Officer with the Christchurch City Council parking team.  Jamie manages day to day operations and looks after a large diverse team of professional enforcement staff. He is actively involved with complex investigations and complaints and any court prosecutions that may follow. He regularly appears in the courts as one of several Council prosecutors and has undertaken prosecution training with the New Zealand Police.

Jamie is tech savvy and enjoys exploring new technology to aid and assist his Officers in their duties. He has been vocal about the delivery of smart phones and enforcement related software for these along with their rollout across the parking team. As Christchurch now moves forward in the next phase of the rebuild as a new smart city, Jamie and his team will take an active role with the implementation of Christchurch’s parking management plan.

Jamie looks forward to contributing to the NZPA and forming strong working relationships with colleagues, whilst working closely alongside others in the industry.