Parking permit system introduced 


Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is committed to providing efficient, convenient and fair parking throughout the Queenstown Lakes district. On 1 July QLDC is introducing a permit system affecting select groups for parking across the district.

The permitting system will prioritise the safe and efficient movement of people, services and goods on the road network. It will also further help facilitate a transformational shift to public transport. There will be four types of permits: Temporary, for events, construction zones and general short-term use; Annual Community Service, allowing groups including church staff, St John and Citizens Advice to be able to park in certain areas; 75 Plus Free Parking for those over 75; and the Small Passenger Service Vehicle Rank permit for taxis.

The permits are part of the implementation of the new Traffic and Parking bylaw, which came into effect on 1 March this year. Earlier this year the Traffic and Parking Subcommittee endorsed the framework which outlines the principles, objectives and purpose of the four permit types.

QLDC Acting Asset Planning Manager Polly Lambert said the permits were a key part of the new bylaw.

“By implementing the permits we are assisting the ability for critical services to carry out their various functions,” she said.

“This ranges from taxis to event organising.”

“In most cases, parking permits should offer convenience but not an exemption from the cost of parking. Each vehicle will have its own permit.”

The permits will be available from Monday 1 July. From then until 30 September existing permit holders will be able to apply for new permits if they meet the required criteria. During the first three months of the system’s implementation, education will be the focus rather than enforcement, helping ensure it is fully understood by the community.