Central Whangārei car park charges set to change


A shake-up is coming to Whangārei's central city parking charges in an effort to make things simpler.

Whangārei District Council roading manager Jeff Devine said there are 16 different charging zones in the city centre parking area.

"Council wishes to standardise the parking charges and fees, making it clearer to our customers what the parking charges and restrictions are and where they apply."

He said it will also make using mPark, the paperless parking system, much simpler.

Devine said the council will be changing the parking regime to four new zones, three of which will require the payment of fees and one will be free but time restricted.

The new zones will be CBD central core, CBD ring, CBD outer fringe car parks and CBD outer on-street parking.

The CBD central zone will be $2 an hour, for a maximum of three hours from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm.

This area is currently a combination of $2.50, $2 and $1 an hour, with three-hour time restrictions.

The CBD ring will be $1 per hour for three hours on Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Currently it is a combination of $1, 60 cents, 50 cents, 40 cents and time restricted only.

The outer fringe car parks will be $2 per day, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

The CBD outer on street parking zone is free and/or time restricted. There are no changes to the current restrictions in this zone.

He said the council receives about $1.3 million annually from all parking revenues for charged car parking and parking leases across the district.

"The proposed changes to the parking charging regime include increased charges for some car parks, reduced charges for some car parks and the addition of some new car parks with charges. Overall it is assumed that the total council revenue from these changes will remain similar."

Devine said the council spends about $700,000 annually on carpark maintenance, facilities and operations plus rates charges, depreciation of the parking assets and land.

He said the intention is to start implementing the changes with adjustments to existing and new parking meters and new signage from February.

The Town Basin zone is excluded from the changes and will remain $2 an hour for up to three hours, except for the Carruth St carpark which is free on weekends.

"All areas will continue to be monitored and any necessary future changes will be recommended to council as required," Devine said.